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The Elite Straps

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Color – Blue

The most versatile straps in weightlifting. Our Chinese-style Elite Straps are perfect for snatches but also for heavy pulls and deadlifts.


Quick-release for snatching
3D printed debossed Weightlifting House logo
Neoprene padding to improve comfort
One inch width dual-ply cotton polyester blend
Kevlar stitching
Authentic Chinese style weightlifting straps with a Weightlifting House twist

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    The Elite Straps
    The Elite Straps
    The Elite Straps
    The Elite Straps
    The Elite Straps
    The Elite Straps
    The Elite Straps
    The Elite Straps

    Designed to perform for all snatch variations as well as heavier movements like snatch deadlifts, clean deadlifts and heavier pulls. The Elite Straps are our most popular straps because they combine durability, multi-purpose utility, and comfort.

    The Elite Straps will help you prevent tearing calluses while lifting, keeping your hands healthy and pain-free for when it counts. The longer length makes them perfect for feeling secure while performing heavy lifts, while the lasso style ensures a quick, safe release of the barbell.

    Added to the loop is neoprene padding which wraps around the back of your wrist to provide comfort throughout training and eliminates friction burn.

    The Elite Straps are worn by world champions to rank beginners.

    All straps are sold in pairs.

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